What LeadPages is Not?

As we all know that what is LeadPages, how it works, and what are LeadPages pricing. Those who have no idea about the LeadPages for them I am going to brief a little about LeadPages in this section and the following paragraph will say you that what is LeadPages does not do for you? LeadPages is a landing page builder that helps to create the landing pages for your website.

Now the question is that what is the difference between a landing page and the regular page on the website? The answer is that landing pages of the website removes the website button which improves the conversion whereas it does not happen in the regular pages. LeadPages also gives you various tools. And these tools help you to collect the email subscribers.

This also provides you various templates to use in different sections like using it for lead magnets, land pages, webinars, even you can use it for growing your email list.

Now, moving to the question that what are those things that are not provided by the LeadPages. Let me make one thing clear that LeadPages is not the service that gives you an email marketing software like some of the services provided by Infusionsoft, Convertkit, or Mailchimp.

Yes, it will obviously help you to get more and more subscribers but it will not allow you to send regular emails to your email list. It means that it will help you to grow the list of emails and then you have to use any other service to communicate with the list.

What! Does it make any sense? Then why would anyone use the service of LeadPages? The answer is because it has a bundle of collection of templates. And those templates are very much helpful to make the high-converting landing pages. And it also allows sending the content upgrades easily.

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