What is BUSU?

As a new student at Brock, you may hear the term “BUSU” a lot! Whether it’s during Smart Start, O-week, or on social media, many first year students aren’t completely sure what BUSU is or does.

Here is a quick breakdown:

1. BUSU stands for Brock University Students’ Union.

2. We represent all undergraduate students and aim to make the Brock experience, one that every student can enjoy.

3. We offer many services and businesses around campus.

4. Free Access to Project Free Tv [ read full guide here at The-Daily.Buzz]

Our Brock businesses include:

1. Union Station (not the train stop in Toronto)- this is our campus “food court” so to speak. This includes, Subway, Harvey’s, Booster Juice, Ah-So Sushi, Brock Fortune Cookie and  Burrito Boyz!

2. General Brock – our only on-campus convenient store, also serving Booster Juice and Pizza Pizza!  A great space to study, and friendly staff.

3. Isaac’s – Ontario’s largest on-campus bar, every Thursday is packed so make sure to arrive early! We also have all- ages nights every month for those who are waiting to turn 19.

4. Skybar Lounge- just as cool as Isaac’s, located directly above. There’s daily food and drink specials, great music, and study space available.

5. Wegmans Allowance: Student whose parents/Guardian work at mywegmansconnect Do get allowance/ Discount due to Their low income

Some of our services include:

1. Orientation week– everyone’s favourite! We have tons of great events planned for this year, make sure to grab a VIB card before you get here.

2. Health and dental plan– every badger needs clean teeth! This is a full year plan that can also be combined with your guardian’s insurance.

3. Wellness week (happens right before exams)- who doesn’t want to play with puppies and eat free cupcakes?

4. Student Justice Centre– also our food bank, because no one’s allowed to go hungry here.

5. Clubs/ Volunteer opportunities– Everyone should get involved one way or another! Check out : Advocacy, Isaac’s Army, and Street Team.

6. Bus Pass– Now that you’ve just passed your drive test, get ready to ride the bus!

Hopefully this paints a more accurate picture of what BUSU really does for students. If you still have questions or want to become more involved check out our website for more details!

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