Lacrosse is a growing sport and an absolute blast to play.

Mini Lacrosse Sticks are perfect for young players who have just started playing Lacrosse as this stick can help them to built confidence in this game.

By learning all the tips and tricks that are essential for improving one’s game. These set generally comes with softballs.

Best Mini Lacrosse Stick set

#1. STX Fiddle STX Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

This is one of the most popular mini lacrosse sticks available on This set consists of Two mini lacrosse sticks and one goalie stick. It also has two mini softballs with an instruction book.

This is actually a fun stick for kids through which they can learn the game of Lacrosse efficiently they are nicely priced and is suitable for both boys and girls.

#2. Brine Mini Lacrosse Goal Set with Sticks

This lacrosse set includes two mini stick, and one goalie stick along with a goal post and net. The total weight is around 9.1 pounds this set can be used for indoor and outdoor playing.

As its built quality is also excellent, the stick is made up of plastic. This stick can be high for the children under ten years of age for the learning game of Lacrosse.

#3.Maverik Mini Lacrosse Stick Set

The Maverik mini lacrosse set comes with two junior mini sticks one goalie stick, and it also has two softballs along with PVC goal post. The built quality is quite good and is quite durable.

This can be used for playing Lacrosse either on the beach or in your backyards. They can also be used for playing in the basement.


Lacrosse mini stick set can be very beneficial for a player who has just begun to learn the game of Lacrosse and to seek a carrier in this game.

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