10 Reasons to go to Brock University

Good afternoon Badgers!

As if most of us don’t already know why we chose Brock in the first place, here are 10 more reasons to love the school you’re in, and for our baby badgers, listen up!

Here is the OFFICIAL list of 10 reasons to go to Brock University:


Any Brock student will tell you, our campus is beautiful. Being surrounded by nature and waterfalls never gets old, you can wonder in the forest behind campus, or go for a hike on one of our many trails. We have DeCew Falls, the Quarry, and the Gorge to name a few, along with beaches in the surrounding area. Students can also bus off campus to Niagara Falls or go to one of the many tourist attractions on Clifton Hill.


Yes, Brock does not have a football team we’ve established that, but does anyone at Brock really care? The answer is NO and it’s because of our rugby teams. After athletics signing a partnership deal with Nike, adding a turf field, and the men’s team finishing in second place at the USA 7’s in Las Vegas, it’s safe to say rugby at Brock is a BIG DEAL. Not because our teams are fired up for the new season and will ruck over pretty much everyone, but because they put Brock on their back and are a must- see at Homecoming.


Brock’s largest spirit squad, and probably the best place to sit during sporting events, Isaac’s Army is just one more reason to become involved in the Brock community. Our army plays a major role during O-week and Homecoming, welcoming students on to campus, and encouraging their fellow badgers to reach their full potential.


In case you weren’t aware, Isaac’s is Ontario’s largest on-campus bar. If you go to Brock you already know about 90’s night, Skybar’s amazing food, and threesome Thursdays. But for our new badgers, you will quickly understand that no matter what happens during your university career, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET YOUR TIME AT ISAAC’S.


Around exams we can’t lie, students are stressed. One way Brock has decided to combat this is through our Wellness Weeks. Massages, puppy rooms, cupcakes, nap rooms and free yoga are all offered to students the week before final exams. We love our Badgers and want to keep them healthy. If you thought you would never make it through finals, think again because it just got a little easier.


With over one hundred clubs to choose from, one thing that’s for sure is you will never be bored during your Brock career. We also encourage students to start their own club, it only takes ten people and BUSU will provide the funding and space on campus. Student who opt for WhatABurgerSurvey Get additional benefits


No we don’t mean the statue outside…I’m talking about the best place on campus to buy coffee. Our General Brock convenient store is a student run business, providing students a variety of nutritional options and place to study. For the upcoming school year, they will also be price-matching for students and are dedicated to having the lowest prices on campus. Did I mention the coffee is fair trade? That’s right. General Brock brews fresh, fair trade coffee every day.


Not only does Brock provide students with a “reading week”, we have two. Since students should be as healthy as possible both mentally and physically while attending University, Brock decided two years ago to add an additional reading week for students after Thanksgiving.


Brock is one of the few universities offering a wide variety of collaborative programs with different Ontario colleges. For example, during my third year of school I attended the graduate program at Mohawk College for public relations. Not only was I able to save a year’s worth of tuition, but will also have a dual degree when I graduate. There are also other options offered through many other colleges in southern Ontario.


Unlike other schools, Brock strives to give students an enhanced learning experience. With the majority of lectures, seminars are also required. The purpose of a seminar is to discuss course material with a teaching assistant (T.A) along with a few students from the course. This is a great opportunity for students to ask questions about lectures, get help on essays or assignments, and become even closer with classmates.

But at last; you’re going to miss your loved ones, you can get friendship lamps to get in touch with them emotionally 🙂

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